On 22nd January 2018, Lucy Hankin and Jade Calleja met at Higford School, near Shifnal, for the West Midlands Intensive Interaction Regional Support Group. The Regional Support Group is a way for Intensive Interaction practitioners and Co-ordinators to stay in contact with others in the local area and to discuss issues relating to Intensive Interaction. Topics included using Intensive Interaction with verbal learners, training support and advice, and importantly, sharing video evidence of good practice. For more information on Intensive Interaction please visit www.intensiveinteraction.org .

Contact Lucy Hankin (lucy.hankin@tettenhallwoodschool.org.uk) or Jade Calleja (jade.calleja@tettenhallwoodschool.org.uk) at school for more information about how we use Intensive Interaction at Tettenhall Wood School.