Home School Agreement


School will:-

  • provide a safe and secure environment in which your child feels happy and safe
  • provide equal opportunities for your child to achieve their potential
  • treat your child as a valued member of the school community
  • to provide an appropriate curriculum to meet your child’s needs
  • communicate on a regular basis and report on your child’s progress at regular meetings
  • be open and welcoming, offering opportunities for you to become involved in the daily life of the school
  • reinforce expectations for your child by following positive examples set at home
  • seek where appropriate inclusion placements for your child to develop confidence and self-esteem
  • celebrate and recognise your child’s achievement


Family will:-

  • send my child to school in the appropriate school uniform
  • make sure my child attends school regularly and ensure that school is informed about any absence and the reasons why it occurred
  • inform the school of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour
  • attend meetings to discuss my child’s progress in school, for example, annual reviews and parents’ evenings
  • take an interest in my child’s life at school and communicate in the home-school books on a regular basis
  • reinforce the school’s expectations by following positive examples set by the school
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for home learning


Together we will:-

  • support your child’s learning to enable them to achieve their potential
  • develop and understand your child’s individual needs and work together to provide appropriate learning experiences
  • communicate openly, and regularly with each other to ensure the best for your child
  • be honest and truthful in supporting each other and your child
  • to provide a total communication environment in which your child can function effectively
  • identify and maintain your child’s strengths
  • identify and address areas for development.



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