School Council

"Have A Voice And Be Heard"


School Council enables pupil’s to:

  • Have a voice
  • Have their say
  • Make changes
  • Make new friends
  • Be part of a team


Every year elections are held to select the Tettenhall Wood School Councillors. The School Council is represented by pupils from all different age ranges and abilities across the school. Pupils of Tettenhall Wood School are encouraged to have a voice through the School Council. The School Council discusses agendas at Half Termly Meetings. Pupils are encouraged to share their views about the school which can be shared via the School Council Notice Board.

This is what some of our pupils have said about what is important about their role as a School Councillor.

 “To help others.”

 “To tell the teachers if other children are misbehaving.”

“To be kind to others.”

 “To help others less fortunate than ourselves.”

 “To help other charities.”

“To help others if they are hurt. To make new friends.”

 “To help make school a better place for others. To make learning more fun for everyone.”

Our most recent project has been making a Film about Tettenhall Wood School for prospective pupils to show them around our amazing school! An idea introduced and developed by the School Councillors. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed planning, filming, acting and editing to produce a wonderful film.

Let’s see what exciting things this year brings….

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