School Council

“Every child has a voice”

Each year voting takes place in every classroom, with a school councilor elected to represent their peers and improve their school.

What does school council do?

Tettenhall Wood School Council meets - with a teacher present-to discuss and resolve problems and ideas. These may include issues such as school lunches, litter or ideas for fundraising events. Councilors are encouraged to bring issues to meetings to discuss with their peers.

The school council play an important role in school life. They meet regularly to discuss important issues; providing pupils with an opportunity to develop their communication and social skills with their peers. Pupils enjoy the chance to speak up and present their opinions, liaising with SLT and being involved in the wider life of school.

The school counselors are supported by Rachel Watson, Sarah Llewellyn (Head teacher) and Helen Atkins (Acting Chair of Governors).

Projects that School council have been involved with

Tettenhall Wood School has been involved in a number of projects including:

  • Recycling within school
  • Junior Wardens Project
  • Design of new school playground
  • Selection of school benches
  • Fundraising activities (including cake sales and non-uniform days)
  • Meeting with governors to improve Maths and English lessons

Going forward

The School Council will continue to be very important part of the school. Its influence affects both the school community and more widely through the charities and community projects its supports. School council met at the beginning of the year to create an action plan. Some of the projects they would like to work on include:

  • Peer mentoring
  • Play time leaders
  • Improving assemblies
  • Showing visitors around


Recent Event

Tettenhall Wood School entered a nationwide joke competition called voice box. The purpose of this was to highlight the importance and fun of communication. Every class were asked to video and submit a joke and school council met to vote which joke should represent our school. We had some wonderful jokes from bees, dragonflies, caterpillars, kingfishers and Falcons and school council voted for ………………………………….Falcons with their joke:


                                                                “Why did the teacher always wear sunglasses?”

  “Because his class were so bright!”


Some classes used various forms of communication aids to help them tell their jokes, such as big macs. Whilst other classes created sensory experiences around their jokes and had lots of fun creating the sounds to go with their video.

The winning joke will now be entered into the competition and if successful they will be invited to the grand finale at the Houses of Parliament next year. 

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